Get your foreign currency cash before travelling abroad  


Do not just rely on your credit card and reduce the potential hassle.   

It's often a good idea to get some foreign currency before you leave home so that you have cash on hand to handle your immediate expenses -- like buying a meal at the airport or taking a cab to your hotel. This way you're not stranded without cash if the airport ATM isn't working or you arrive after the local exchange bureau has closed. 

Some banks, credit unions and credit card companies freeze customers' cards if they are used outside of the customer's normal range of travel. 

Some restaurants, stores and even hotels won't take credit cards, so it is wise to have cash on hand at all times. 


Keep in mind that you may not have as much protection overseas as you do at home when problems arise over inaccurate charges. You may hear reports of travellers being charged twice for the same item or for items they never purchased.


Avoid Paying the Extra Costs - Reserve Your Foreign Currency Cash Online Before You Travel with Travelex 

While you can use credit cards to get cash advances at overseas ATMs, you should consider the fees and charges your credit card company may impose when you use your card overseas -- which can add up very quickly.

If you withdraw cash at an ATM overseas using your Malaysian-issued credit card, you may be subject to currency conversion fees, foreign ATM fees or other charges from your bank and/or the local bank that maintains the ATM.  

You many also be charged a foreign transaction fee on each purchase you make using your credit card. If you pay for all of your hotel stays and most of your meals and other expenses on a credit card while you're abroad, the  fees could add up by the time you get home.  


  • Your debit card may not work in all ATM machines at your destination
  • If you travel abroad, your debit card may not be accepted at all stores or restaurants so it is wise to carry some cash for daily expenses.
  • In rural areas, finding an ATM could be difficult.



Do not travel abroad with only one form of travel money.

Travelling abroad with currency cash helps you reduce any potential inconvenience and can save you time and money!  

Reserve your foreign currency online with Travelex  and pick it up at a local foreign exchange store or at KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KLIA). 

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